About Hydro Excavation in Melbourne

Digging pits or underground drain systems and other excavation work can become cumbersome and even a challenge. This is because there could be electrical cables or other utilities already laid below the ground and if the soil is strong and unyielding, it can even be more difficult to handle. Hydro excavation is the answer to this situation. This is a process in which the actual excavation of the mud is done through a combination of water jet and vacuum suction of the slurry like mud. It can be a neat job and the best way many customers prefer, where any kind of digging work is involved.

Melbourne has Many Companies Undertaking Excavation

There are excavation companies Melbourne wide who undertake this modern type of excavation work wherever needed in the city and the suburbs. There are much specialised equipment mounted on trucks to carry out this mobile operation. If you are not familiar with how the machinery is built and the different components in it, there are descriptive and demo videos you can view. These videos will show the actual images and also animated motions to make even an uninitiated to learn more about this sophisticated equipment.

Digging Without Causing any Damage

The major benefit in this process of hydro excavation is that it is totally non-destructive in nature. It is common knowledge that when you are digging a pit for a drain or to lay cables, the soil could be unyielding and extra force might have to be exerted. That could damage any existing cables or piping. What the excavation companies do is to bring their mobile equipment to the site of digging and park the vehicle at the best possible location. The tubing is then brought out, and the soil is loosened with the forceful directing of water on the spot. This makes the soil turn muddy, and the mud is released from the underground cables and other structures that you don’t wish to disturb. At this stage, the excavation machine is started, and the hose is used to suck the muddy soil into the tank by means of vacuum.

There are many controls on the equipment that the Melbourne excavation companies deploy for digging. It makes it simple for the operator to monitor the complete operations. There is even a sensor based display which indicates the extent of mud filling the tank. This helps avoiding any overflow issues. Check out Envirolink

Excavation for Many Applications

Hydro excavation as described above is useful in many applications. In a city like Melbourne, there are always activities like building a new irrigation system or installation of optic fibre cables, trenching for cabling purposes and so on. In terms of the industries in which this excavation work is employed, these include gas and power companies, irrigation purposes like for a golf course or for cabling under rail or road crossing and so on. The companies engaged in the excavation process also provide 24 hour services where required. There may be locations where excavation work can only be carried out in the nights when there is no traffic or when the traffic is minimal.

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