Benefits of Recycling Wooden Pallets

A wooden pallet is a flat wooden structure commonly used for transporting goods as being lifted by pallet jack, forklift or other similar jacking device. Sometimes referred as skid, pallet is the common foundation of unit load design. Pallets made for specific products are made up of different materials, such as plastic, metal and even paper. And because of the rising call for cutting-down wastes, more and more manufacturers from different trade sectors and moving companies now emphasize the importance of recycling wooden pallets.
The growing use of “containerization” of transport goods resulted to increase of wood pallets. With a bearing load capacity of more than 1000kg or more than 2200 lbs., it is considered the most cost-effective material in transporting and moving goods. Companies that use pallets for transporting their products have lower operational cost as they require less manpower. Every year, it is estimated that over 500 million pieces of pallets are manufactured in United States alone, and more than 2 billion are currently in use.
Why Recycle
Recycling wooden pallets is the blanket term for a business that sorts, dismantles, refurbishes and manufactures wooden pallets, as well as grinding of pallet components for fiber products. It’s a big industry that is typically attractive to recyclers. In the past decade, more and more people embrace the idea of refurbished and reconditioned wooden pallets, as they are significantly cheaper than new pallets of the same quality.
How Wood Recycle Companies Help the Environment and the Industry
Because they’re only used as means of transporting goods, wooden pallets were once considered as disposable materials, and rightly so as most wood pallets have very limited lifespan. Pallets have to meet certain specifications to be useful and once damaged, they are set aside. And this is where companies that specialize in wood recycling get into the picture.
Recycled Wood Pallets Are Tougher, Making them More Cost-Efficient
Recycling wooden pallets can be more cost-efficient and practical for companies as recycled products are generally cheaper than brand new ones because of the cutback on initial production cost. Also, many recycled pallets, especially the wooden ones, prove to be much stronger and hard-wearing, as the wood is already seasoned. Seasoned woods are generally tougher than boards used for the first time. They can resist breaking way better than new pallets, which therefore results to less risk of breakage, accidents, and damaged goods.
Recycled woods are dryer; they contain less water than new pallets, which means they are less likely to accumulate mold, mildew and corrosion. This improves the longevity of the wooden pallet, as well as protects the goods they carry. Of course, the most obvious benefit of recycling wood pallets is in the environment. By recycling your pallet, you help in reducing solid waste.
How You Can Help the Environment
A little creativity and a pro-active spirit can go a long way in recycling wooden pallets. There are so many ways to recycle and make use of the wooden pallets. Many use so for their fence, or outdoor stairway for their tree house. Some are used as platforms for potted plants and flowers, or in making compost pit bins.
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