Selecting an Auspicious Wedding Venue

A wedding ceremony marks the coming together of two distinct parties. This ceremony commemorates the beginning of marriage, which is a sacred union between two loved ones. However, the occasion comes with various challenges such as picking the right wedding venue Brisbane has to offer, in order to make the day more appealing.

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A couple that has no experience or prior information in going about the selection for the ideal wedding venue Brisbane has today can experience a tough moment. However, they ought to consider the following information before settling for a given service provider to help them meet their needs.

  • Type of Wedding Ceremony

Different people possess different ideas, tastes and preferences. Similarly, not all marriage ceremonies are alike. Hence, before you embark on searching for venue hire Brisbane has to offer, make a decision between a civil or church ceremony. This helps to pinpoint what you require for instance marquees or tents.

  •  The Number of Guests

Brisbane plays a host to a variety of wonderful wedding locations for any type of wedding. These locations exist in large and small sizes depending on the preference of the couple. Therefore, it is imperative to keep in mind the number of guests you expect at your ceremony. This prevents disappointment on the particular day.

  • Consultation and Communication

Individuals and likewise couples consist of people with different ideas or preferences especially about the venue for their wedding. Consequently, there is a great need for a couple to make a unanimous decision pertaining the venue. This can only be achieved through effective communication and sharing of ideas between both parties. Check Lightspace for more details.

  • Budget

Different wedding locations in Brisbane are hired at different prices. The setting or space of the particular venue determines the hiring cost. Hence, consider preparing an adequate budget that accommodates the fee required for hiring the preferred space.

  • Wedding Date

Hiring the wedding venue in advance is highly advisable to avoid frustrations of rescheduling the ceremony. Mainly this is because excellent wedding locations are usually on a high demand. Therefore, delaying to book the location in advance may be a great disservice to yourself.

Choosing an Expert

Upon making all the right deliberations, consider hiring an expert who offers a wide range of wedding venue Brisbane based options such as the Lightspace.

                Lightspace Studios

The variety of wedding venue options will offer a unique blend of designed and raw elements, which have been utilized in creating a stunning room with excellent ambience. Among the many offers include bentwood chairs that complement a sit-down dinner setting, and unique cocktail furniture. Individuals interested in the services of this venue can easily contact the online platform to book an appointment for wedding showcases.

Services offered by Lightspace


It offers a wedding exhibition and boutique function to host a variety of amazing events. The venue also features a Japanese inspired outdoor terrace, a rustic industrial chic, and lofty designed spaces. Check more at this light space.

                Office Space

Lightspace offers office space Brisbane based options, which are suitable for small businesses in terms of affordability and flexibility.

                Coworking Space

In addition, the venue provider also offers coworking space Brisbane has for hire. This allows business people to collaborate with other business entities to share the hired office space.

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