Smart Tips for Choosing a Conference and Event Manager

At the center of any successful event, be it a conference, wedding or corporate party, is proper management. However, managing an event is not as easy as it sounds – it’s exhausting and time consuming. To avoid this and to ensure a successful event, it is best to look for help from a professional conference and events manager.

Conference and events managers have many advantages. First, all the frustrations and stress will be taken off your shoulders since the manager will take care of everything. Second, a professional event manager has experience and skills that will make your event memorable and successful. Third, outsourcing the services will ensure that your normal work routine is not disrupted.

While the importance of an event manager is indisputable, it is worth noting that hiring the wrong people can have an adverse effect to your event. Don’t be tempted to pick an event manager simply because of their enticing advert on the papers or their convincing marketers.

This article has put together a few valuable tips to help you choose the very best conference and events manager.

Relevant experience

An event manager cannot be brilliant in all types of events. As such, many event management companies and individuals are specializing in specific areas. Therefore, when looking for an event manager, look for the one with specific expertise and experience in what you need. For example, if you’re organizing a conference, look for an expert in conference management. To verify their experience, ask for the average number of conferences they manage each year.


On top of experience, an event manager must have the right academic qualifications in order to be successful. After all, event management is a professional job that requires relevant training from a certified college. So, it is worth checking that your event manager has actually studied in the area. Ask to see the credentials to prove it.

Testimonials and references

The best, and perhaps the easiest way, to know the kind of event manager you’re dealing with is by hearing or reading the comments of their past clients. First, an event company that’s serious about doing business will include testimonials of their satisfied customers on their website. Other than that, they’ll be willing and glad to give you names and contacts of their current and past clients so you can communicate with them directly.

Prices, policies and insurance

Many events are high-priced. The last thing you want is to have unexpected costs cropping up in the course of the planning process. To avoid such scenarios, make sure that your events manager has clear policies when it comes to pricing. Do they have hidden charges? How will they communicate with you when unexpected costs arise?

Many people tend to overlook the issue of insurance but it is one of the most critical ones when it comes to event planning. Insurance protects you as well as the event manager should something go amiss during the event. So, make sure that your event manager has insurance that covers the specific roles and work they’ll be taking on. For example, if there shall be inflatable attractions on site, ensure that they’re specifically insured for it.

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